Pediatric Therapy

Nurturing, motivating,
and very inviting.

Rainbow Rehab offers a wide variety of physical and occupational assessments for children of all ages.

All 3 of our office locations offer pediatric therapy in welcoming and nurturing environments. Our pediatric therapists are dedicated to working with children and their families to achieve treatment goals.

Occupational Assessments:

Total Gross Motor Assessment


Test of Visual Motor Skills



(Developmental Test of Visual-Motor Integration)

Peabody Developmental

‭(‬Motor Scales II)‬

Motor-Free Visual Perception Test


Test of Visual Perceptual Skills


Handwriting Assessment

Abnormal Involuntary Movement


Various Diagnoses Treated:

Fine/Gross Motor Delays

Behavioral Intervention

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Sensory Integrative Disorders

Handwriting Difficulties

Gait‭ ‬Dysfunction

Executive Function/Motor Planning Deficits

Genetic Disorders


Neuromuscular Disorders

Orthopedic Conditions


Our special pediatric spaces

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